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Sean Gibbs is the founder of MeWear Apparel.  Sean is not a new comer to designing, entertaining, and creating art. He has been creating since 2011.  His love of the arts came from his passion for music while Deejaying (
DJ Morpheus Ent).  Sean also has a passion for uplifting and creating strong individuals.  He created MeWear clothing apparel in 2017. His vision in creating MeWear was to show how every individual has a unique and extraordinary place on earth.  He wanted to create a clothing line that allows you to enjoy the quality of clothes but also makes you have a sense of worth, self-confidence, and mental toughness.  He wanted every piece of clothing worn make the individual feel unstoppable and extraordinary in any environment.  Sean states that “When wearing any MEWEAR clothing you will feel empowered. People will know and see this because the person reflects the brand.”


Stefan Charles-Pierre is the Director of Operations and Strategies. He joined MeWear Apparel in 2019. Stefan has been an athlete and involved with sports and fitness his entire life. Fitness and wearing comfortable athletic gear is nothing new to Stefan. Likewise, being motivated, dedicated, and unstoppable in all his environments. These are the things that drives Stefan to his successes. Therefore, being a part of MEWEAR was a perfect match. Stefan’s goal is to have MEWEAR be recognized as not just a comfortable clothing apparel but an apparel that empowers you.  Stefan states that “wearing a piece of clothing that represents you is so important on how it makes you feel and perform.” 

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